Chicken and mushrooms in a garlic white-wine sauce paired with a bright

There are a million different ways you can prepare chicken. But when you’re throwing together dinner on the fly, it turns out to be just that: A chicken dish that taste pretty close to every other chicken dish you’ve ever … Continue reading →

Michigan certifies 32 new mushroom experts, more to take test this weekend

Michigan has 32 new official mushroom experts following last week’s first certification class and examination, with more on the way following the next two class sessions this Saturday, April 25 and next, May 2. New mushroom expert Keith Langdon,owner of Full … Continue reading →

Fenland grower is aiming for superior salad efficiency

The tour of the G’s Fresh site at Barway, near Ely, was organised so members of the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (RABI) could meet the charity’s national chairman Chris Riddle, while learning about the techniques and technology applied within the … Continue reading →

Morels are spring fungi that spend most of their life cycle underground

Morels are spring fungi that spend most of their life cycle underground. But in Michigan, it is the few weeks they spend above ground that send hunters into a frenzy. And whether they are the tiny early mushrooms that are already … Continue reading →

Two hospitalised in Cavan after breathing in chicken poo

A 37-year-old female scientist and a 56-year-old farmer, who both work in a mushroom processing plant, are believed to have inhaled the bird excrement during prolonged periods of exposure to poultry manure, which is used as compost for the mushrooms. … Continue reading →